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Sri Lanka giri hotel with world heritage pillow dream sleep

Date: 2014-12-10

In Sri Lanka, the tin giri of the hotel, you will be one of the most famous world culture heritage lionrock.Yes, spacious swimming pool to swim in the hotel, looked up you can see that piece of the most famous giant rock, it's on at the end of the pool, all within easy reach.Whenever this time, all hotel guests could not help but praise.Price is not the key, the key is to the world heritage lionrock so close to the hotel, the sri lankan national only for this one, with the ancient dynasty of the old rock pillow dream sleep few opportunities, how you really agree with your choice is wise.
It is worth mentioning that the hotel's wild animals very much, in the morning, wake you up knocking at the door may be a few naughty monkey.
Hotel coordinates: Sri Lanka, 'in the (lionrock edge)