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APEC let people experience another holiday

Date: 2014-11-11

APEC holiday, many people choose to go abroad "peak travel", citizens to stay at home, also felt the travel comfortable.
Present during the late early winter season, Beijing suburbs the earth, and the mountains of colored dress up close to the water with a kind of beauty.After some citizens choose out of Beijing, outbound tourism, city area and the "11" long holidays and weekends than at ordinary times, traffic was reduced significantly, not crowded, visit up more comfortable.
"The person is less, for the first time feel here quite quiet."Yesterday, who lives in haidian citizens Richard c.haskelli with his wife, son, abandoning the driving, take a bus to the mountain climbing."One is usually busy work have no time, two is too many people at the weekend, rarely climbing the mountain. Suddenly a small long vacation, more use of this opportunity to a family together, get some exercise, breathing in the fresh air, in a happy mood."Richard c.haskelli said, "this season, the breeze blowing, leaves, trees and vigorous, lofty mountains all show, show the beauty of a kind of power."
"" leaves be red in February flower", after the frost, as long as you don't blow hard, color is the most beautiful."Park scenic spot in city gardens green bureau ya-hong zhang introduces, colored from the periphery of the city of yanqing, miyun, huairou county red to start, gradually spread to urban areas.For now, the outer suburbs of colored drawing to a close, but colored outside the suburban and urban parks."Like a west mountain national forest park, the mountain park, YangTaiShan, JiuFeng etc, and each big city park, colored rate reached 90%, the main varieties have smoke tree, the pentagon maple, maple tree and so on."
In huairou mutian valley Great Wall, shu lang's passenger flow also let visitors feel surprise."Is also very want to come before, but a person to see in the news footage to squeeze all the scene of a pushing wouldn't come. Only put in Beijing, the holiday is not over the weekend, came, I didn't think people really rarely! I can sit quietly for a while on the wall, feeling magnificent Great Wall."The introduction to college students in Beijing.This holiday season, he want to have a good feeling about the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, temple of heaven, the Summer Palace scenic spot.