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Leisure tourism in the Ming dynasty Beijing civilians

Date: 2014-09-22

In the Ming dynasty Beijing became the biggest consumption city in China. Reopen river motivated in Ming dynasty, the grand canal of dredge promoted the prosperity of business, also make Beijing become the north's largest markets. By the liao dynasty, Beijing military towns into important consumer capital, and it provides for the development of leisure activity subject foundation, economic foundation, time base and strong market demand, has greatly stimulated the Beijing city tourism development of leisure and recreational services. And among the hundreds of thousands of Beijing residents, mostly civilians. Different from the royal family, the literati's leisure life, tourism and leisure in the Ming dynasty Beijing civilians has its unique characteristics.
Xiushui to choose suburb famous mountains
In general, the Ming dynasty civilian scenic in literati's scope, but the activities of the civilians radius is limited to the city and suburb, visit site number is less than the literati class. Mainly includes the civilian places to visit the west lake (kunming lake), yuquan hill slope, the ordination platform, autumn, blue cloud temple, xiangshan, TanZhe mountain, within the temple of heaven pine, high bridge grahame, okm ShuiGuan, settle out full well, ji shui tan, goldfish, liulang zhuang, etc.
The liulang zhuang is a notable scenic. Liulang is located in the haidian west zhuang, in five or six kunming lake nearby, commonly known as six LangZhuang. Ming and qing dynasty with LiuSheng, named by "the willows". Paddy field around here, rice grain and white lotus, ling gorgon euryale, water chestnut set off each other. The late spring and early summer willow, rice paddies landscape and open lotus pose significant landscapes. Here is rich in tree. Delicious and cheap, the price for two-thirds of the market in the city, so the four negative vendor came in. Have tea zhuang, spreading negative vendor stuff ", eating place to rest. Haidian benevolence and wine from the raw material of the lotus flower liquor from the village of white lotus. Liulang zhuang became a penalty of rice agriculture landscape features, on the outskirts of leisure tour.
Emerged in the Ming dynasty city - goldfish breeding and ornamental goldfish special places. Where a beautiful natural environment, there are hundreds of ponds, water qing liu hang, surrounded by SanLiHe communist-held, TingXie wai cloth, garden don't industry built around the pool, and generally less, more open space, south to the temple of heaven, constitute an ideal public recreation ground.
Women in Ming dynasty in the outing activity positive and open
Since the tomb-sweeping day, the city residents to visit activities began to flourish. And women in Ming dynasty in the outing activities actively and open deserves more attention. "All people, especially women.... Dongyue born in March, the play pine forests, often 35 for the group, the skirt round pine sleeps upon, by grass Lou, although horses and chariots medley, disregard. Belong to high crown big sleeve, ZuiWu donkey, have fall between donkey lay down I don't know the home".
Another characteristic is every day must. Both traditional folk festivals and religious holidays, often is the city of swarm with joy. Such as tomb sweeping day, yan nine sections, bath FoJie, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn festival,. Incense, for example, this course is a religious ritual activities, but in the Ming dynasty became the excuse for ordinary people to travel.
Tourists scale, entertaining
Every tomb-sweeping day, people mention jug wine, MATS, floor to sit, prostitutes and famous have also play sports. Recreation is numerous, have a steak rod, somersault, mouth to perish, bobbin, horse play backwards, fireworks water one. Grilled pole is based on a bamboo pole and the acrobatic performances. Mouth to la should be vocal performance. And three empty cylinder change the flying pigeon, jump a monkey show, people have realized that the secret is to "jie ear, non magic", at least in the late Ming dynasty, magic has appeared in the city life in Beijing. So many high level performance activities makes "the Japanese, visitors tens of clusters in three or four. Buddha, ChongWu also swim, also as the".
Recreational activities at that time the location of the peak near the bridge. This from a high bridge bridge, is not in the dock, but "the slaughter YuanHou, WeiDi, among the bridge in the Ming dynasty as the second gate in the qing dynasty, in order to strive for Mr Song, in the qing dynasty and recently with peaceful have ShiCu wins, although both cause degenerate life, anyhow there since the shunt also" (" civilian touring in the history of beiping to generations "). Ming from Beijing love for the high bridge area is not confined to the Buddha, and so on a few specific day, but "Jia ten-day is already, wild cover cloud" (" changan guest words "volume 3, page 45). Pulled liu have to poem: "spring high bridge" "dongfeng through green palace willow, willow outside visitors each group of friends.... to jiao young shoulders Moses, eye gauze shade in the wind.... MuGu dong dong race to the city, Jian donkey is difficult to avoid the temple at great sound." Large-scale outing activities, it seems, is also an important social capital, young men and women is very yearning.
In general, the scope of civilian leisure tourism in Ming dynasty is relatively narrow, visit the site number is less than the literati class. Civilians tour activity is relatively fixed and concentrated, like drinking music, appreciate the art performance, to participate in athletic activities, give priority to with sensory pleasure and enjoyment. In addition, the scale of the people to travel often huge of the intellectuals is far better to swim together, so very noisy. These are linked to their economic and political status, culture level and aesthetic ability have a close relationship.