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Zuigao Jian: Network Report boosting public opinion case blowout

Date: 2013-12-29

Supreme Procuratorate released data show that in the first half against malfeasance department dereliction and infringement cases were registered and 5706 8048 people, including 3272 major cases, and above the county level criminal malfeasance cases of 250 people.

According to the "First Financial Daily" reporter, in the anti-malfeasance cases, prosecutors at all levels focus on the collection of public opinion involving malfeasance and judged, timely intervention dealt with a more than one thousand of the central attaches great importance to society highly concerned about the high level of media attention key points of public opinion case.

In addition, the anti-corruption department investigation of corruption and bribery cases 17,416 23,939 who belong to the "major" category of cases over 14,000, accounting for over 80% of the total filing. Procuratorial organs leading cadres above the prefectural investigated corruption and bribery cases of 87 people, including provincial and ministerial level cadres 2 people.

Anti-malfeasance cases highlight three key

National staff in investigating cases of malfeasance, the Supreme Procuratorate identified three "key", that key areas, key positions, key link.

In the first half, in violation of the public economic interest, political rights and personal rights in three areas, the procuratorial organs at all levels of anti-ditch department received a total dereliction and infringement cases leads 4713, investigation 4288 6007 people.

For multiple, frequent major production safety accidents, the Supreme Procuratorate malfeasance examination hall and the provincial hospital anti-malfeasance Bureau eliminate interference resistance in three ways, namely directly involved in the investigation and handling, supervise the handling and personnel to guide investigators. In the first half behind the accident investigation involved a total dereliction and other crimes committed 467 706 people.

In addition to these cases, the first half of this year, local procuratorate Zuigao Jian pay special attention to public opinion, especially in cases involving dereliction of public opinion focused on the collection, judged, when involved in investigating a number of central attaches great importance to society highly concerned, the focus of media attention, hot case. 8048 to 5706 the total number of people filing for subtracting the two cases, public opinion cases Total 951 1335.

For all levels of prosecution cases against public opinion's attention, the industry said that with the current network name reported blowout, but also on line with the central and the prosecution advocate and valued real name policy.

In addition, prosecutors in investigating the process of anti-malfeasance cases, and constantly improve the administrative law enforcement and criminal justice mechanisms to strengthen cooperation with public security, customs, safety supervision and other administrative law enforcement agencies cooperate actively carry out clues transferred, case investigation, inquiries and other networking work; gradually advancing major project investigating complex cases, illegal interference criminal malfeasance investigation work of communication and processing mechanism.

High incidence of corruption cases Woan Chuanan

According to this understanding, from January to June, the national prosecutors for investigation of corruption and bribery cases, bribery 10,626 people, accounting for 44.4% of total filing.

Corruption and bribery cases presents four characteristics:

Common phenomenon of increased crime, Woan Chuanan high. Corruption and bribery in recent years to take down criminals collude, inside and outside, to jointly plan and other ways to commit crimes, criminal groups distinctive characteristics. Such as the recent Maoming City in Guangdong and Inner Mongolia Bayannur corruption Woan Chuanan.

Staff of state organs increased crime, especially in some high-ranking cadre criminal cases negative social impact. The first six months, the procuratorial organs leading cadres above the prefectural investigated corruption and bribery cases 87 people, including provincial and ministerial level cadres 2 people.

The amount involved is increasing, harmful consequences more serious. In the first half, the procuratorial organs investigated and dealt with more than 50 million corruption and bribery cases 2975, an increase of 31.6%.

Modus operandi subtle, difficult investigation. Corruption and bribery increasingly covert criminals to commit crimes