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Beijing Students Technology Cultural Festival

Date: 2013-08-05

WASHINGTON (Reporter Ren Min) yesterday (4), Beijing Students Technology Cultural Festival, from 16 counties, nearly a thousand students and teachers will participate in scientific garden party, science auditorium, technology salon and other activities, tasting feast Technology , hands-on learning technology.

     Yesterday morning, armed police of the police academy in Dongcheng District Youth Science and Technology Museum, the first Normal Science Park, Fengtai District, Eastern Highlands Youth Science and Technology Museum, etc. for primary and secondary science interactive experience brings more than 20 games.

     Royal Society of Chemistry Beijing branch of the booth, decorated with graduated cylinder, syringe, flour, water and a variety of chemical liquids, wearing a white lab coat, gray-haired professor of Beijing University of Chemical Technology David is busy directing the kids to do interesting chemistry experiments. "Look, I made a big one 'worm'!" From Daxing three small a student shaking started in the "bugs" enough to have more than a dozen centimeters. It is designed for kids David an experiment, calcium chloride and sodium alginate mixed, you can see a pigment after mixing the colored "worm." David said, is to make these simple activities the kids mindless, learn scientific methods and ideas, and thus an interest in chemistry.

     Youth Science and Technology Museum booth in Xuanwu, Beijing nine in the first day a student is holding a remote control, intense flight simulation, through his manipulation of the screen to complete the aircraft acceleration, steering, lifting and many other tasks, he forbearance live exclaimed: "Come with open real aircraft like, really fun!" According to the staff, this game can exercise hands, brain, eye coordination ability and help the students better accept the remote analog aircraft.

     Section of the students to participate in science and technology will enter Beijing Planetarium, Museum of light weapons and armed police will participate in military technology college experience project and participate in innovative thinking Challenge and so on.